Tarot World Reading
with Ming-Lee & Rochelle

The following is a Tarot World Reading to find out what humanity needs to know right now.

Queen of Pentacles

This represents the passive side of Humanity – the ‘get on with each other’/ ‘work together’ attitude and the True Connection to Mother Earth and Nature. Therefore, nurturing our Earth is now needed, instead of repeatedly ‘raping’ her of her life blood – oil, gas, water, minerals, etc. It is time to re-connect to Nature.

King of Wands

This King represents the Higher Spiritual view of everything, to be able to look ‘down’ at any given situation and see it for what it truly is without emotional attachment.

The Hermit

This shows that the people are now stepping out of the darkness of the ‘cave’ and beginning to see the world as it really is – a mess created by human ignorance! The 21st Century is bringing back ‘The Light/ Golden Age’, and therefore, allowing us all to see the Truth. The awakening has begun on a conscious level for all!

The Sun

The Sun represents True Happiness through having a ‘child-like’ view of the World – the Joy of Living, the Joy and Beauty of Nature and the Animals, less of a serious view. The Joy of Everything Basic and Natural.

The Lovers

People have been looking for a way to bring the Love Energy back through exploring more ‘Spiritual’ aspects & viewpoints on religion (man-made), healthy eating, natural healing, renewable energy, and caring for Mother Earth by replanting trees, picketing mining companies, helping wild animals to survive, clean water, etc. - all the things that keep the planet sustainable.

The D’evil.

Following on from the ‘loving ourselves unconditionally’, we must be aware that to fully integrate into a mature, healthy adult, we must also Love our dark side, or ‘shadow’ self. To be aware of every aspect of ourselves - good or not, and to acknowledge our ability of self-control & humbleness (no ego), which gives each individual self-confidence & esteem, that leads to a satisfying life with Self & others.


The message here is that, right now, the world/people are in a state of righting wrongs & working on bringing balance back into all lives. This card not only represents the physical realm (on Earth), but also from a spiritual aspect. Therefore, balance is the true focus NOW.


Now is the time to ‘walk away from the ‘Repetitive’ past - acknowledge the past is gone & ‘dead’!!! It cannot be changed - It is finished!!! The message here is to remind us that we can be ‘reborn’ many times, through shifting our thoughts about ourselves and others and situations, and having trust and faith in ourselves and spirit.


The message here is to bring ‘nature’ back into our lives by walking amongst the trees & our gardens, and actually having time out with nature. This therefore, means we must stop any more damage, and stop and repair past damage to our provider (our planet).

Time Out

Awareness, contemplation & solitude (time out) is the message here. Contemplating on how each one of us sees the world as it is then to step back within ourselves (solitude) and take time out from our illusory life, to really see what the problems are, and what can be done as individuals and as a world population, to fix them.


We are co-creators, so now is the time to free all the people, and mother earth, from the illusion that the “killing of our planet” will not upset the eco-balance... and that we can keep abusing our home without changing anything.

The Owl

The message here is to be like the owl - the “silent observer”. Think of the past in your own life and about what is not right with the world. Check things out that don’t feel right, carefully. use logic and inner wisdom, and feel your intuitive truth! Then speak it out. Time to “stand in our power”, “join forces” and turn the “darkness” into light!..

The Visionary

The message here is to use our “insight” to become “illuminated” and to see what really is right. This will feel like a ‘gentle knowing’, (when you just know, but have no idea how you know), bringing the truth to us. We all are being asked to honour this insight, as this is spirit working with us and showing us the truth with clarity from our hearts.


The time is now! - to formulate as a community on the correct manner in which to act. But also Pan is telling us not to get ‘caught up’ in the process, and forget to care for ourselves. Relax, go with the flow, have fun, laugh and enjoy life too.

Marriage Card

This card brings everything together, making a commitment to having healthy relationships with god/ spirit, ourselves and everyone. On a planetary scale, this card represents the peaceful connections between nations, other cultures and each other, coming together with a new way of interacting with each other harmoniously, civilly, and intelligently with the most important ingredient, love (for one another).

Snow White and the Animals

This final card represents the feminine energy and this is the energy that needs to be used. Like a protective mother (think of a ‘lioness’), this energy can be a ‘fierce power’ that must be used when situations require it - eg. protecting the vulnerable. It is now time to step up and protect others who are smaller and more fragile than you ! Through having heart (truth), valour, courage and personal power, manifestation will bring the miracles needed at this time of change and transformation.

Overall Energy of the Reading

The overall number for the reading is no. 1 - very apt as we are now entering the year 2017, which also is no. 1 energy.

This represent new beginnings -- for all and the planet, and new perspective of the individual self in the scheme of things to come.

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