Soul to Soul
by Cinzia Vuat

Dear Cinzia, I have a job offer I’m not sure whether to take it or play it safe and stay where I am, can you shed some light please?

- Tom, Clearview

Hi Tom, you have been playing it safe with your career for a long time now, you do have the ability to go it alone and run your own business The guides say for the offer which has been made to you has come from someone who has started their own business and is expanding rapidly. This person needs help and you are his number one choice for the job

The guides advise to take this opportunity as in the near future you and this man become partners, and you will buy into this expanding business. Good luck Tom. My love, Cinzia 💕

Hi Cinzia, can you help me with my life everything seems stuck at the moment. Thank you.

-Melanie Maylands

Dear Melanie, life seems to have stopped for you due to the passing of a loved one in your family. Could be a spouse, I feel you looked after this person. It’s been such a loss that you have now important decisions to make some, small ones and some are huge decisions. Melanie, I know that your darling husband is still by your side I am told that you will make serious property decisions and there is travel ahead Life will resume in a beautiful delightful and different way. It looks so promising and your hubby is really happy for you, truly feels fantastic money ... getting better ... things are looking up, life is looking up. My love, Cinzia 💕

Hi Cinzia can you tell me if my finances are going to improve this year?

- Ramsey Brighton

Dear Ramsey, I do have a very strong feeling that finances will start improving after the middle of this year. I can see you in a business which is about to be sold, it’s a food related business, possibly a cafe. It does need to go as you have another important job... your dear father who has passed away is talking to me and tells me life will improve but that past losses have got you down. He says what you need to do is get into action now - sell the business. He also tells me you will shift home and move near to water .You also will be looking at purchasing another small business nearer your new home . Yes dear Ramsey, finances are definitely picking up this year, also your positive energy. My love ,Cinzia 💕

Thank you Cinzia. You told me not to worry about my husband’s work as he had lost his job and was struggling and you told me to stop panicking and that very soon within a month or so he will be made an offer here in Adelaide which would mean we would not have to move from Adelaide and that I could keep my job and that my children could stay in school here. Thank you so much, my husband and I decided not to shift back to our country but to stay here and wait out your timeline and oh my god my husband has received this amazing offer - he has just started this AMAZING position that he is so qualified for with great pay!!

We can’t believe how it has just worked out “word for word” as you have described. I thank you with all my heart and my husband thanks you.

- Anna Beverley

Thank you dear Anna. I’m so happy for you guys. God bless you and your beautiful family. Love you, Cnzia 👼❤️

As a child Cinzia suffered from selective mutism, frightened to speak, her healing search began and intensified after a near-death experience resulted in awakening her uncanny psychic ability, now a psychic medium Cinzia is available to Innerself readers who have a pressing question they would like answered. Please indicate in any email whether you give permission for extracts to be published and pseudonym if required. Reply emails also welcome. Phone: 0410 456 540