with Cinzia Vuat

Hi Cinzia,
Please can you see if my job will change for me. I'm worried as there is lots changing at work. Thank you.

Hi Glenys,
My guides pass on that management is making quite a lot of changes at your workplace but that these workplace changes are necessary and will cause improvements for everyone concerned. Please do not stress or worry about your job. This is a good thing and everyone will benefit from it and there's going to be work related training coming up for you. My love and best wishes, Cinzia.

Please Cinzia can you tell me about my relationship. I'm divorced three years and I've met someone a year ago and while we don't live together I feel unhappy and controlled in this relationship. I am unhappy but I feel stuck can you shed some light please?
Mark (Address withheld by request).
Yes Mark!
I feel that you are both struggling with this relationship, but I'm told you are both growing from it also and this is probably why you both seem to be hanging in there. I can hear you both talking about going away overseas on a trip and I see you going on this overseas trip, so I know that you are hanging in there together! I believe you both are learning to stand in your own power and find your loving voice and speak your truth without arguing. You guys are going to make it!. Your guide suggest getting some counselling help with things. My love and best wishes, Cinzia.

Dear Cinzia
Hi Cinzia, I'm in the middle of exams and very hard at work at the moment juggling it all. Can you see me passing well and being able to meet all these commitments at the same time. Please, thank you.
Sandra. (Address withheld by request)

Dear Sandra,
Absolutely sweetie, you will do well!! I am being shown celebrations this year, it's your final year and you will succeed darling. Also I see you moving from the place you live again at the moment. That happens around September. Also, I have a short trip this year interstate. This year 2016 is a completion year for you, it's successful, so keep up the great work and reward yourself lavishly! My love and best wishes, Cinzia

Dear Cinzia
I rang you up desperate because I had left my work and lost my work utility keys somewhere – and my work needed them the very next day. I had looked everywhere, retraced my steps, gone to every business that I stopped off at, I had looked everywhere and I was tearing my hair out. It was a weird idea to ring you but I just had no idea what else I could do and I was worried about what would happen with my job. When you told me that the keys had not even left my work and was sitting on a box in or near a factory I didn't believe it, you told me to recheck with the factory and that someone would be ringing me about it very soon and at the time I thought I had wasted my call because I absolutely knew I had left my work with them. I nonetheless rang and asked them to search but figured there was no point hoping. At least that's what I thought! Less then 15 minutes after hanging up the phone I got a phone call back from night shift, the keys had been left on a box in the storeroom next to our main workplace! I couldn't believe it. I had totally forgotten going there just before leaving to go on rounds. Thanks!

As a child Cinzia suffered from selective mutism, frightened to speak, her healing search began and intensified after a near-death experience resulted in awakening her uncanny psychic ability, now a psychic medium Cinzia is available to Innerself readers who have a pressing question they would like answered. Please indicate in any email whether you give permission for extracts to be published and pseudonym if required. Reply emails also welcome.
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