Divine Journeying with Archangel Raziel
by Carolynn Milne

I asked Raziel, this Angel of great wisdom, “How does meditation benefit us physically, mentally and emotionally?”

Raziel, “Only by detaching from your earthly life, from your daily strife, can you hope to rejuvenate and heal that part of you which is your Divine Soul, that part of you that craves peace, love and harmony. You live in a world of lessons and hardship, of strife and striving, of profound emotions and anxieties, this is your retreat. This is your elixir. This makes you whole and strong again. Meditation is your way of connecting to the Divine light and love of where you come from, of your home and your Soul family.

This exercise is simple. Let me walk you through it. Try it for yourself.

First, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, shut out the distractions of your day. Now concentrate on your breath flowing in and out, calm, and gentle, not forced. Follow your deep breath all the way down into your Soul centre, which is just below your heart.

This pause in your daily activities will lower your anxiety and blood pressure and you have only just started.

Ask now for a connection to your Guardian Angels, Guardians and Guides. Do not be concerned about whether or not you can feel them, see them or experience them on your plane. This is something that comes to many with time and practice. Even if you never experienced this, the benefits of this simple meditation are infinite. Have faith.

In faith, knowing that your Divine presence is with you, make a simple supplication or prayer for your well-being, advancement, or for people in your life. Always ask for positive outcomes; always ask in love and for the highest good.

Know that the Angels and Divine beings are now working for your highest good. Many people feel this beautiful energy flowing through them. Many people know when Angels are working on, with them or for them. This is not necessary for the beautiful Divine energy to work and be of benefit to you.

You could finish your meditation here by thanking your Angels and the Divine beings that have helped you. Even the few minutes that this practice has taken out of your day are of great benefit to you physically, mentally and spiritually.

If you so choose, you could continue your meditation further by asking the Divine beings that are with you to take you to a place of infinite wisdom, healing, peace, joy, whatever and wherever it is that would be of benefit to you at this time. This is where you will be able to bypass your ego and be your Divine self.

Remember whether or not you feel, see or experience this journey have faith that, when you return, you will have benefited in your time and space.

I am Raziel, I teach the teachers, and this simple form of meditation can be of great benefit to humanity. How greatly you benefit is up to you.

Blessings of love and peace, Raziel.”

My voice suddenly changed in mid-sentence. The words I was saying were beautiful and elegant, but they were not mine! I was startled and confused. What was that amazing energy flowing through me?

After the initial shock, I quietened my mind enough to hear Maitreya. He was with me to teach me and to work through me.

This little book is the beginning of these teachings.

The Love, healing and wisdom of the Angels emerges from each page you turn, opening your hearts to love, joy, abundance and miracles.

These messages and blissful experiences are not just for me. I am the catalyst that helps you to connect, but all that I am, and all that I do, you can also achieve.

As you read these teachings, you will come to understand this, and so much more. Allow me, together with the Angels and Masters, to teach you how.

Blessings Carolynn.

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