with Elisabeth Jensen

Divination in Ancient Egypt meant to commune with the Divine specifically in this case with the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses and to seek their wise counsel, which is similar to consulting a Psychic today who is a Trance Channel for Ascended Masters or Archangels. So, Divination might have included Prophecy or Predicting Future Events or may simply have been used more as diagnostic tool to determine the cause of a difficult situation and how best to resolve it.

For myself as a Psychic I usually prefer to seek the advice first of the Divinities when giving a Psychic Reading rather than going straight into simply giving predictions about a client’s life – it follows my original training as a Registered Nurse to first seek the cause of a difficult situation then look at possible solutions. Few clients come for a reading when all is well in their lives and it was the same in ancient Egypt as well as it’s usually best to consider a diagnosis first before giving a prognosis. So, the ancient Egyptian Priestesses of the Goddess Auset (aka Isis) took the place of our Nurses, Counsellors and Psychics today while the male Priests of Amun Ra focussed more on accurate Prophecy in the form of trance channelling answers about the future in response to direct questions.

Training in the Temples in Divination and Prophecy took about 12 years in total and was regarded as a sacred science important for the safety and security of all Egyptian people and so as Egypt became a powerful and wealthy country for far longer than is recorded in history it also became famous for its Prophecy and Alchemy.


Divination was usually performed by gazing into scrying mirrors of Blue Lapis or Black Obsidian Crystal or crystal bowls filled with Blessed Water and Essential Oils of Frankincense and Blue Lotus. This brought about a trance state in a highly-trained Priestess enabling them to communication about their visions and psychic insights as well as speak inspired words from the Divinities to the seeker of Divine Wisdom. The seeker would ask questions and then be guided to solutions to problems or given advice about the best path to follow in others. The future was not seen as “Fixed” and certainly the Priestesses didn’t give readings just entertainment and spent considerable time in preparation – Divination advice was taken very seriously.

Some small Papyrus Scrolls were used for Divination that were used rather like the Tarot today but they had Hieroglyphic Symbols on them and sometimes the image of the best God or Goddess to invoke for help with a certain problem. The everyday person could use these as a simple tool for themselves similar to how we may use Oracle Cards today but they were also used by the Priestesses as well.

Numerology was certainly practised also – the year you were born in was overseen by a Divinity who both selected your future life path challenges and special abilities at birth. The Goddess Auset was during her life on earth both a Midwife and a powerful Prophetess who told the mother about her baby’s Soul Path in Life soon after she delivered the child as did her Priestesses later in time.


Prophecy was given to determine the outcome of a personal situation plus for future planning in regard to threats of invasion and war. Why not ask to see your future life if the priest could predict it accurately plus reassure yourself about the world in the foreseeable future? Prophecy was especially sought after from the Priests of Amun Ra by people all over the present day Middle East and Europe even though the position of their Temple was at an Oasis in the centre of the desert! Alexander the Great came from Greece in about 332 BC to the Tempe of Amun Ra in the hope of gaining a positive prophecy and blessings by the High Priests there about his future conquests in Asia. The answer was said to be given directly to Alexander by the High Priest on behalf of the God Amun Ra and so accurate were the past Prophecies there that he was seen virtually as the son of Amun Ra after his very positive prophecy and messages so he was welcomed into Egypt after this favourable answer. By this time, Egyptian civilisation and the Priesthood was no longer as powerful as in the past and the prediction was not entirely correct. 5-7,000 years ago was the peak period of Prophetic Psychic Science in Ancient Egypt with a rapid decline 3,000 years ago.

The Pharaoh of Egypt had his own Prophet/High Priest to advise him on the outcome of all decisions he made plus give him psychic advice each day – no important decision was made without this. The words spoken were accepted as truth and so Egypt became known as the home of Prophecy and Divination and it remained powerful and prosperous for thousands of years due to this.

ELISABETH JENSEN was voted Australian Psychic of The Year 2010 and is the author of Auset Egyptian Oracle, Ancient Egyptian Divination and Alchemy Cards. Based in Adelaide but teaching Auset Temple Healing and Divination throughout Australia and Asia Elisabeth has also visited Egypt nine times and spent much time meditating in the Temples and Pyramids. Please visit her website or like her Facebook Page Elisabeth Jensen Auset Temple Healing.