Decide Your Own Destiny with Holistic Hypnotherapy
by Elisabeth Jensen

Many clients coming for a psychic reading simply ask me for “Just a General Reading Please”. I am still waiting to discover how psychic generalisations about how a persons future will be can really be of great benefit to a person when I myself don’t believe we have to have a fixed future unless we choose to never change our usual actions, thoughts, beliefs, and most importantly. our unconscious minds.

So I gently suggest looking at best possible paths clients can follow or the best options they can take to improve their lives or what negative past life or present life influences they can release would be far more beneficial. Many clients agree rather dubiously to this as they feel an award-winning psychic like myself should be simply predicting their future and by knowing their future all problems can be resolved! Again I simply say that fortunately on an individual level their future is not fixed so let’s look at what they would like to focus on the most and ask for Divine Guidance and Insights on how best to achieve success in their lives.


This has always been my approach to readings because as a former Registered Nurse and now a Medical Intuitive a diagnosis and recovery plan makes more sense to me than simply a difficult diagnosis without any further action – and believe me most clients come to me at a time of crisis not when all is well in their lives. So the more I studied Hypnosis & Regression Therapy plus Hypnoanalysis the more I realised that all that has happened even before birth. plus during our time in the womb, then as a small child, affects our Unconscious Mind. Our Unconscious Mind decides our physical and emotional health and can easily be reprogrammed towards joy and good health.

My focus now is on Holistic and Spiritual plus Regression Hypnosis to earlier this life plus Past Lives and Life in the Light as I believe our Higher Self and Soul are always also waiting with wise guidance about our Soul Plan for this incarnation. So is my client seeking just a smooth life or to live their Soul Path which is often harder work but far more satisfying spiritually? What difficult lessons have they chosen before birth to clear Karma in this life and can they let it go now as being sick and in pain and poverty means clients might find it hard to fulfil their true destiny.

So as both a Hypnotherapist and Psychic I truly find Psychic Coaching far more satisfying to both me and my client. Words chosen with care can help the depressed client see there can be Light at the end of the Tunnel if they choose the correct path – negative statements and words chosen just to prove how accurate a psychic is might become correct if the client absolutely believes a certain statement even if its themselves CREATING that reality for themselves.


At any psychic expo it’s easy to see many people have several readings with different psychics in the hope they will hear what they want to hear about their future. They sit there in a trance like state with the psychics words going directly into their Unconscious Minds – or Bypassing the Critical Faculty of the Conscious Mind it’s called in Hypnosis- and so these predictions become their reality. If it’s an ethical and caring psychic reading that’s fine but if it’s given with little thought to the effect a negative prediction will have on the Unconscious Mind of an unsuspecting client it can cause harm and fear that that lasts for years or even creates the negative prediction.


Imagine if you go to your local MD and he suddenly. and with the best of intentions. gently says “You have six months to live – best prepare yourself to die” Most clients receiving a diagnosis like that go into a shocked and trance like state and accept it as their reality. Often it becomes their reality then as the Unconscious Mind accepts this belief. It takes a determined person to seek out an alternative reality for themselves through processes such as Hypnotherapy to clear that belief from the Unconscious Mind and to resolve with their Higher Self and Soul if this really needs to be their Soul Plan at this stage of their life.

So your Destiny can be yours to decide. Changing the destiny of those around us and of World Events is tougher but is not impossible. Choose your friends and Professional Guidance wisely and generally your future will be full of successes and very bright.

ELISABETH JENSEN was voted Australian Psychic of the Year 2010 and International Psychics Association Psychic Ambassador in 2013. As Principal of Auset Temple Healing and Centre For Complementary Healing Studies she teaches Psychic Healing and Hypnotherapy throughout Asia and in Adelaide and Melbourne. Elisabeth is author of Auset Egyptian Oracle, Ancient Egyptian Divination and Alchemy Cards. Please visit and on Facebook Elisabeth Jensen Auset Temple Healing.