with Fran Tomlin

Hasn’t this been a year?! Challenging to say the least, challenging the very fabric of our identities; who we are, what we want & where we are going and almost completely redefining ourselves and our directions.

Relationships of every description have been tested and pushed to make or break point, economic struggle and survival of the fittest with many ‘moving in’ on other’s ‘domains’ and/or milking the cosmic pool of universal ideas for good or ill and for all its worth, in attempts to bring in a myriad of other avenues of revenue. Big business riding roughshod over ‘minions’ , extremes of every description over a vast array of life conditions . This applies too, not only on a national or global scale, but environmentally, spiritually - in fact in every sense. And in spite of, maybe even because of, some of the more wonderful ‘changes’ such as a movement toward far more transperancy in personal, national and world affairs, all of the abovementioned has probably created a great many peoples of the world to feel violated, akin to a massive gang rape of all they hold sacred.

These ‘energies’ have been pushing us to the nitty gritty. No more frills and fluffiness, no more procrastination or denial, no more veils of illusion or confused intention - this is a time of choosing your camp i.e Are you in? or are you out? No more having two feet in either camp iffing and aaahing – no, its been about firmly and squarely planting both feet in one or the other camp of decision . One camp. And committing to that. Deciding. Its either THIS or it’s THAT. No more dabbling in a bit of this, or a bit of that. It’s been about putting your money where your mouth is, as the saying goes.

For example, if you believe you are ‘spiritual’ because you dabble in this or that - it’s not enough. You are required to BE IT. FULLY. DO IT. PRACTICE IT. Everyday, in every moment. It’s not enough to read Angel cards and go dewy eyed at the sentiment presented when in the next breath be walking down the street and criticising someone for their dress sense ... or whatever.

The Universe knows what you are thinking, feeling - EVERY thought, word or deed is being recorded within infinity, there is nowhere to hide. Each one of us holds a unique universal imprint, like one’s unique fingerprint, and so – to the end that Divinity cares extraordainarily about each and every ‘dot’ of us, we are being charged with accelerating our personal and spiritual evolution for the sake of shifting the critical mass over now into the conception cycle of the Golden Age.

Undeniably we each have responsibility to this cause as sparks of the Divine , to ‘hold’ the Light by actively practising it; as it is that which when we are, as a species, fast approaching the greatest Light, that the greatest darkness makes its presence felt the strongest. Be it in a Universal way, or a personal way.

Persistence, determination and blind faith is then what is required in continuing to push ahead, again be it on a personal or global level, in order to build the bridges that will carry us over any obstacles we may encounter along the way. We ARE the warriors of the ‘LIGHT ARMY’... people ... and where there is Light, nothing remains in the dark.

P.S May I please just take this opportunity to share heartfelt gratitude both personally, and on behalf of countless others, for the inspiring, uplifting, higher vibrational energy, service, leadership & Healing set by Daniel Coro & Clayton March in their years & years of service as the foundation elements of that beloved outlet A LIFE ABUNDANT on Magill Rd, which has sadly closed its doors after 15 or more years. We extend you recognition for providing service above and beyond on so many levels to so many people. I wish you joyous birthing into new lives! Bless A LIFE ABUNDANT.

Copyright Fran Tomlin.