Angel Wisdom
by Carolynn Milne

I ask for Archangel Michael’s help and instantly he is with me. To do the healing work I do I need to be cleared and healed regularly. Archangel Michael is here to do the job yet again. This time is different. This time I am taking you with me. You can also be healed and cleansed with this simple exercise.

Find yourself a comfortable seat in a quiet place. Take a few long, deep breaths, down past your heart into your Soul centre. Follow your breath down until you find that quiet place within.

Call for Archangel Michael to help you with cleansing and healing now. Whether or not you see, feel or hear him, know that he is with you.

Visualise your Inner-self standing on a pedestal. You are calm, happy and relaxed. You welcome the relief of this cleansing and healing. You welcome the power that it brings.

A cloud of fiery red orange emerges from the base of the pedestal and quickly comes up over your ankles, knees, legs and engulfing your lower abdomen.

As this cleansing fire comes up through you it removes from you all of your anxieties, fear and connections to other people. All evil entities and energies, all negative thoughts, feelings, emotions, all that is not yours by Divine right, detached from you now and absorbed into the beautiful fiery cleansing of Archangel Michael.

The cloud moves up through your solar plexus, your heart and your throat. Moving up through your face your ears, your eyes, your third eye. Slowly moving through your crown and up through your solar star which is a foot or so above your head.

As Archangel Michael’s beautiful energy touches the solar star a beautiful gold flame flashes out to the highest reaches of heaven and connects you to the Divine. Michael’s hot orange red flames subside and a beautiful golden light comes through this beautiful connection, down through your solar star, your crown, your third eye, your throat, and your heart, filling your Soul centre with beautiful golden light.

The wisdom, skills, knowledge and abilities, all that you have lost comes flowing through this connection now. All of your Guardian Angels, Guardians and Guides, restored to you, all of the Soul particles you have lost, given away or had stolen from you in this lifetime, past lifetimes, or between lifetimes, restored to you now, empowering, invigorating and harmonising every aspect of your life.

Bask in this beautiful atmosphere of empowerment. Drink it in for as long as you feel the need. Thank Archangel Michael for his beautiful cleansing and empowerment. He reaches out his hand and helps you down from your pedestal . Return to your comfortable chair, bringing with you your new empowerment.

There are many Archangels ready to help you now with any aspect of your life. Working with your Angels daily will transform your life.

I am Carolynn Milne I work with the Angels and I believe they work through me.

Blessings, Carolynn.
Carolynn Milne

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