The Difference Between a “reading” and a “READING”
by Marion Weatherburn

Renee came to see me one Saturday. Normally, before a reading, I sit and tune in to the person, writing down any information I “saw, heard and felt”, noting messages from “visitors” and any incidents. Renee’s reading was profound.

Imagine receiving Renee’s Reading … How would you feel?

I was nervous.

Renee arrived. We sat and chatted. Renee asked “Do you want to know why I’m here?”

“No, please let me go first”.

“Renee, I know that you want to go back to work as a nurse and are worried about putting your 3 year old son into day care. You are worried about what your ex-Mother in Law will think”. “Is that correct?”

Renee replied “Oh yes, that’s exactly why I’m here.” I told her that returning to work was the best thing she could do for her and her son and to ignore her ex-Mother in Law concerns. The universe blesses your decision to go back to work I told her!

“Thank you!” Renee stood to leave.

I asked her to sit as I was about to tell her something important.

“Whilst I was preparing for today, I received a visit from a lovely guy named “Robert” with red curly hair and freckles”.

“Robert showed me a gun! It had a large brown barrel and an ivory handle with a horse carved into to it.” I saw silent tears rolling down Renee’s face.

“Renee, Robert told me he had not checked the gun before cleaning it. It killed him with the last bullet. Robert said that you, were and still are the ONLY person that believed an accident had taken his life”.

Then, Renee, no longer the quiet woman I’d met earlier, leapt up and proclaimed “I KNEW IT WAS AN ACCIDENT! EVEN HIS MOTHER STOOD UP AT THE FUNERAL BERATING HIM FOR BRINGING SUCH ANGUISH TO HER FAMILY!”. “I knew” said Renee. “I knew”.

I was covered in goose bumps.

Renee looked shocked. This was not what she’d expected! Renee confirmed everything Robert told me earlier.

Robert said Renee had always been and always would be his best friend. All she need do was think of him and he would be by her side.

Robert asked me to place Renee’s hand on the seat beside her so he could hold it.

I saw Renee visibly flinch when Robert held her hand. “Oh my! I think I just felt him! Could I have?” They sat this way for 25 minutes.

Me! I was in awe!

Everything I’d received before Renee arrived was verified by all of Renee’s tears.

Renee looked at me peacefully and said “Marion, may I hug you? You have given me back my best friend and closure! How can I ever thank you?”

“I came here to get reassurance my 3 year old son would be OK in day care whilst I went back to nursing, a job I love.

I wish I’d taped this conversation as it’s simply unbelievable”. I pointed to the Reading tied with a ribbon in front of her. “There’s your reading as I received it earlier”.

We hugged.

Renee left, smiling.

I relived the Reading over in my mind. Was it real? It certainly was!

At the beginning, I asked you to imagine what it would feel like for this Reading to have been yours!

How did it feel I wonder?

What on earth would my next reading bring? I couldn’t wait to find out.

My interpretation of the Reading

Renee came with two questions about her life. She received clear direction.

These types of readings are what I call “readings for the Physical World and Self”. Often we seek guidance when we can’t make a decision for ourselves. We need a Psychic to “show us our options and if we’re lucky, a clear path and direction.

We’ve all experienced hunches or gut feelings. You don’t need to visit a Psychic Medium for that kind of information.

What you need a Psychic Medium for is to hope that you too, will receive a visit from a very special friend who has been following you all your life until you finally get to a place where they can contact you.

That’s a real READING and that’s why I always capitalise the first letter of the word Reading!

I encourage you to experience the difference for yourself.

I did.

Marion Weatherburn is a naturally gifted Psychic Medium who is currently writing her first book called “Caught Between Two Worlds”. She will be sharing a chapter with Innerself readers every edition. For further details phone 0407 812 233 or email