with Fran Tomlin

WHAT IS INNOCENCE ? (Obviously we are coming from the Spiritual sense of the word).

To me its being in the absolute purity of your Soul. Doing no harm, having pure intentions, practicing no duplicity – its only freedom from guile, cunning or deceit, free of manipulation of others. Its simplicity & artlessness. And according also to it’s “Freedom from guilt through lack of knowledge of evil” - so basically all of the above mentioned.

And yet, how many of us are innocent? Feel innocent? If I were to hazard a guess, i would say none of us feel entirely ‘innocent’, and yet we are told spiritually from countless sources & through the myriads of spiritual teachings that we are innocent.

Babies are innocent. They come to the Earth plane with a clean slate. Having come straight from the Realms of Divine Love , you can see it in their eyes, they exude trust & love from every pore. They are innocence incarnate in its purest form.

But then the ‘challenges’ start. So ,speaking in general, they begin to integrate within themselves the all too often thoughtless words their parents ( who basically set the foundations for their ‘lessons’ in life) casually ‘throw out’ ; the actions & words of authority figures . They also ‘pick up’ the true energies underneath the surface that belie many words spoken , whether in ‘jest’ or otherwise, & also belie many actions undertaken. Having no fluency of language they translate all of this emotionally, forming entrenched belief systems...and because all of us humans have, in general, trod the same path from the very beginning – we mindlessly continue the cycle.

Therein lies the beginnings of the degradation of pure innocence taking effect throughout our lives. Stripping away self-esteem ; as a result in essence enabling betrayals, disloyalty, distrust of others, manipulation, dishonesty i.e lack of authenticity, humiliation & the like. All fuelled by intense anger & hurt, oftentimes leading to mental chaos, depression & sadly in some cases, even suicide. So where is the love ? where is the innocence ?

Planet Earth being the so called “ kindergarten dimension” that it is, engenders in general, these learned behaviours precisely in order for us to recognise our beauty & innocence in spite of all we endure, over & above all else.

So, AWARENESS is the only antidote . Full awake awareness of ourselves, of our journey. Which leads to this beautiful saying by Marianne Williamson ;

“No matter what mistakes we might have made yesterday, today is the day we can retrieve our innocence”

To that then, in my opinion, innocence is choosing to forgive & start again – to live life ‘through the eyes of a child’ ie meaning in wonder, in awe & full illumination of all things, all peoples. And observing with compassion & detachment all that which transpires. In other words, as the great poet Rumi says :

“Find the sweetness in your own heart, then you may find the sweetness in every heart” And therein lies the Innocence Principle.

After all, we are all children who initially came from a “heavenly” state ; a dimension of Grace. We all share the same desire of just wanting to live & co-exist in that state of Grace. And there is innocence in that.

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