Work - Are you fulfilling your life purpose ?
by Sulabh Jain

Everyone is born with a specific life purpose. Often that purpose manifests itself through our family and our work – where we spend most of our time and energy. Today we will look at how to tell if someone is happy with the work that they are doing. This is independent of any financial considerations, and looks only at if they are living in a state of harmony with their Dharma in regards to work. For some people this could mean having a change of job, for others it could mean that they need a complete career makeover. In either case, in order to leave this world in a better space than when we entered it, we need to find our life purpose.

If we look at the back of our hands, the knuckle on the middle finger will give us clues on how fulfilled we currently feel at work. The middle finger is called the ‘Finger of Saturn’, and it rules over our work and gives us clues on all areas of our work life.

For example, a knuckle which is firm and is not dented or furrowed shows us that we are happy with work, and that we are fulfilling our potential.

This hand belongs to an accountant. We can see that the lines in the middle knuckle are not furrowed or dented, in other words, happy and content with his chosen profession.

A knuckle which is dented, suggests that we are unhappy at work, and that our efforts could be better used elsewhere. People who have such an indication are often in the right field of work, but in the wrong organisation or even working with the wrong group of people. They can be frustrated at times because of this. It is advisable for them to look elsewhere for work.

This hand belongs to a young man who just landed a job in a prestigious financial services company. Although his dream job, he is unsettled with the level of competition within the work place and is looking to join another team within his department.

A knuckle which is furrowed is a very sad sign. It is a sign or someone who is extremely unhappy in their chosen profession. They are in the wrong job, and that job is mostly likely in an industry that does not bring them joy. Furthermore, the financial rewards are often not enough to compensation for the difficulties that they feel because of their efforts as work. When you see such a mark, it is important to tell them to get in touch with their true Dharma, and to build a career around that path. Once a new industry is chosen, it is advisable to inspect this knuckle again after a period of 3-6 months to see if there are any improvements. This will tell us if you are on the right path, or if another correction needs to be made.

This hand belongs to a middle aged man who is unhappy with his career direction. Seeing the ‘damage’ to the middle knuckle we can advise him to look for a job outside his industry, and to do some soul searching to find his path.

Because the knuckles are prone to change often, it is important to inspect the middle knuckle of the middle finger in your hand, and those of your friends and loved ones, from time to time to see how they are feeling at work. There are few things as frustrating as being unhappy at work, or even the feeling that your energies are not being directed towards your life’s purpose.

Sulabh Jain was taught the basics of palmistry by his grandfather when he was 8 years old and has been fascinated by the art ever since. He teaches various systems of palmistry on his YouTube channel (Chariot Palmistry). His published books include ‘The Evolution of Religion: A History of Ancient Egypt and Harrapan India’. He can be contacted for private readings at (02) 9904 9921 or by visiting