Divine Journeying
by Carolynn Milne

I ask to be taken to a place of peace and harmony where I can rest and recover. A place where I can recover my balance and my power in life.

I find myself beside a little stream of water and I follow it along down a steep clay hill until I am looking down onto a beautiful little rocky bay.

There are no other sounds, but the soft wash of the waves and the birds. The sky and sea are blue. All is peace and harmony.

Archangel Haniel, “This is a space of peace and harmony to encounter your Soul. A space of peace and harmony to rest and rejuvenate. This is necessary. On your plane everything is hustle and bustle, everything is striving and strife. There has to be a space in between for you to recuperate and recover before your next battle.”

Suddenly we have our toes in the waves, the water is cool and clean, the waves scour the rocks with a gentle wash.

Archangel Haniel, “Your Souls come from the same place my Soul comes from. Your Souls are all Divine. They come from the Creator of the All. Each Soul craves the nurturing of peace and harmony. Each Soul craves the reconnection to that Divine creative Force. Only in this intense peace and harmony can you reconnect to that peace and harmony of the creative Force, from whence you came. Plan your lives for regular breaks in peace and harmony in nature. Plan your lives to recharge your batteries, rejuvenate your Souls and move back into your true power.

“Only in this way will you have the energy and the clarity to achieve all you need to achieve in this lifetime. Only in this way will you move forward, with your physical life and also with your Soul journey, your spiritual awakening, your understanding of your true self.

“I love myself enough to allocate time to peace and harmony.

“I love myself enough to allow the rejuvenation of my body, mind and Soul.

“Call upon me if you are having trouble finding a place to connect to the peace and harmony that your soul craves. Call upon all of the Archangels, they will help you with peace and harmony always.

“Blessings of peace and harmony to you all.”

- Haniel. Angel of Harmony.

The gentle swishing of the waves brought me to that place of peace and harmony that is beyond all understanding. With that peace and harmony I felt the beautiful love and energy of my own Soul.

If there is no place in nature or peace in your busy life, you can do this simple journey with Haniel, and find this lovely little Bay of Peace to rejuvenate your own Souls.

Blessings, Carolynn.

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