with Michelle Lightworker

Hello Michelle, I keep seeing a white ghosty figure around my front door and my bedroom window often in the past week or so. I feel it is a woman but when I look up they disappear.

Can you give me any idea of who and why they are around me. Would appreciate any explanation if there is one thanks I feel safe with this spirit just curious as to why they are watching over me.

Many thanks for anything you can tell me Michelle

Cheers, Pammy Jane

Hi Pammy Jane, this person is a deceased family member and they are actually watching over you. They don’t want to step on your toes and really want your permission to connect. They understand if you feel a bit hesitant or wary but there is nothing to fear.

They have told me that they have committed to assist you with your enlightenment in this lifetime and want you to know they are here for you. They especially wanted me to pass on that they are here to assist you to break any negative family and karmic patterns.

So they are a great support for you. If you have a grandmother that has passed over, it feels like her energy. And on your mother’s side of the family. If not, then great grandmother. She says that you don’t need to know her to know her as you have spend many lifetimes together.

I hope this is a lovely invitation to connect. Please let me know how you feel Pammy and whether this resonates with you.

Blessings, Michelle Lightworker

Thanks Michelle, yes that does resonate. I felt it might be my mother. I never knew my maternal grandmother.

I have quite a few items that belonged to her mother and I have always felt connected to my GGM through them.

I need to find somewhere cheaper to live by May 2016 It is since I decided moving had to happen, this figure has been around me. I do feel safe and would like to connect with her. I sure could use some help at the moment.

This morning the figure was in brown felt more masculine.

I am feeling so happy, excited and emotional right now.

Thank you Michelle

Regards, Pammy Jane

Michelle Lightworker is Director of Lightworker Reflections, appears as a Spirit Expert on Soul TV and is an A1RPsychic Radio Host. Michelle was called by Spirit to teach the Lightworker Practitioner Training and then went on to channel ten books in ten years. She is a walking talking advocate for Lightworkers and enlightenment. Contact Michelle on 0433831946.