with Fran Tomlin

I have so many books in my house on a myriad of subjects , not to mention all forms of Spirituality & Higher consciousness – more than half of them I’ve never read.

There’s a book for this, and a book for that – and like all books they have each arisen from one individual author’s observance. All the many & varied perspectives. All helpful in their own way.

Or are they? Do they perhaps serve in some respects as a form of procrastination by allowing us to live or experience vicariously through their words & experiences, instead of us living through those experiences ourselves? Spirituality is naturally subjective, we know this. And the definition itself is so different to so many. For example, how many still think religion & spirituality go hand in hand ? How many believe that to be truly spiritual one must almost embody a saint on Earth ? That those who are spiritual must not charge for their services, should be virtually living in poverty & practice servitude to others at the expense of themselves? Or what about the view that those who go to church every Sunday praying for the rest of us ‘sinners’ out here, & in all probability practice their own omissions throughout the rest of the week, must surely be spiritual – they go to church every Sunday don’t they?

Or to the other extreme ( if you can call these extremes) what about the view or belief that those who are seen to speak the ‘lingo’, run ‘spiritual’ blogs, quote spiritual quotes, read Angel cards or the like, visit tarot or psychic practitioners, practice alternative therapies or attend ‘spiritual’ events/ fairs /courses etc must indeed be spiritual..? Even those running spiritual centres worldwide, doing spiritual work – surely they must be truly spiritual ?

I hate to be the one to tell you , but not necessarily. Some are of course, some aren’t.

Overall, Its a load of hogwash really.

To my mind, there are no definitions of spirituality, since one can liken it to the same stance that each individual is unique.

So if we are to generalise, spirituality in my view is if anything, really all about practicing what you preach. Its that simple & in all honesty, that difficult.

My feeling, as far as true spirituality goes, is the practice of quietly & surely everyday allowing one’s Higher nature, or rather that true divinity that is held intrinsically within each & everyone of us, to lead the way all the time.

In other words, being aware of & rising up to the Highest vibration in any & each given moment in any situation or scenario that arises that may threaten to topple one’s equilibrium in any shape or form.

This means, quite literally, “walking your talk” in the Divine sense.

Are you? Am I? These are the questions to ask. Or are you mindlessly preferring to think or believe you do? Sometimes life just gets too busy to pay mind to intricate details such as those...yes? Uh-oh - we need to remember that those precise intricate ‘details’ determine the length & breadth of our unique incarnational experiences, creating our direct experiences – our ‘reality’- and we are the one’s who get to live it.

SO, what do you practice ?

What does spirituality mean to you ?!!

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