Angel Wisdom
by Carolynn Milne

This beautiful message came through to me recently. It made me think about our relationship with our Guardian Angels and just how much this means to us.

I feel the beautiful strength and love of Tara, emerging from a mist of jade green, glimmering brightly in jade and silk, very gentle and yet determined.

Tara:“We are the Seven Divine Mothers here to serve humanity at this time. We are able to come to you now through the Divine Grace of your own Guardian Angels.

• I acknowledge the power, love and Divine Grace of my own Guardian Angels

• I acknowledge that my Guardian Angels always work for my highest good, in wisdom and in love

“Humanity cannot achieve all that it can be in violence, hatred, unhappiness and destruction.

“Humanity can only achieve all that it can be in joy, love and creativity.

“Many of you are still swapping from creativity to destruction and back to creativity.

“Now is the time to make a commitment to take hatred and destruction from your conscious way of living forever.

Only you can make this decision.

“Only you can decide to live in loving grace forever.

• I now commit to live in loving grace forever

Blessings of Love and Grace, Tara.”

And in their own words

“Fear not for We are the ones with you who shine like the Stars and are clothed in moonlight. We are with you always. Feel our cool power unblocking all of your chakras. Feel our heat as we heal all of your hurts and dis-ease.

Listen, feel us in your hearts. Feel the warm Grace of our healing power. Feel the cool grace of our clearing and guidance. This Healing, guidance and clearing only work if you accept it and use it.

“Don’t be afraid for we are with you. Now is the time to embrace our help. We are eternal, all powerful, and all loving.

“We are your Guardian Angels.

“We are here for you always, feel the Grace of the Divine Presence through us. Feel the Grace of the Divine Presence opening your Soul.

“Know the glory of your own Divinity through our Love for you and the Divine Presence.


“We are one with you. Use our Love, Power and Grace to enhance your lives.

Now is the time to move into a life of Love, Hope and Joy.


“We bring you these great blessings now, Your Beloved Ones.”

Again we are exposed to the simple, yet profound wisdom, of the Angels that can change our lives and enhance our souls for ever.

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