Parenting in the “Spiritual Age”
by Marion Weatherburn

We Parented our children in the “Cyber-age”, now it’s their turn to Parent us into the “Spiritual Age”.

It’s true! We all want to be the very best parents we can be. But, now it’s our Children and “Teen~ Angels” turn to parent us. I like to model myself on Caroline Ingalls from the Little House on the Prairie. Remember her? She led a simple life. Her kids were happy. Her husband was happy and her kitchen smelt like cookies!

I believe children deserve our time, listening, guidance, love, praise, wisdom, fun, discipline and home cooked meals served together at the dinner table as a family without an electronic gadget in sight. The best way to learn anything in life is to either “do it” or learn from someone who has “done it”.

When the internet first came into our lives, we revelled in it. Finally as parents, we had a resource for everything we needed!

Does this sound familiar?

How do I cook scrambled eggs? Google it

Where’s Heaven? Google it

What is a Soul? Google it

How do I do long division? Google it

“Google” is now a part of our family as much as you and I. We have a Google “To Do” list.

You would think that with the introduction of modern gadgets and technologies, that spare time “gained” could be spent as quality time with our children and families. But, we fill the time with everything else and our kids miss out, on us!

For me:

Technology means:Seeking answers from a resource not your own

Spirituality means:Seeking answers from a source that is your own

I know which one I trust.

Everywhere you look, you see people sitting side by side communicating with each other via technology. I have seen siblings sitting within the same room, couples sitting opposite each other in restaurants, communicating with each other via text. I have even seen a couple sitting in the same room as others, fighting with each other, but, by text.

I see people texting as they drive, oblivious to the family in the car next to them that they’ve just run off the side of the road as they delete an error in their message. What that message should read is : “I’m just on my way to my own funeral because I’m texting whilst I’m driving”.

Nobody seems to want to talk to each other anymore, unless they are doing it by text!

People have forgotten how to communicate with each other in person. They don’t want confrontation! But, they do want love. Love is something we are all craving in life. People long to find that special someone that they can live with happily ever after.

People propose by text or Facebook and they break up the same way.

Parenting in the Cyber Age has been a blessing, sure, because we have instant access to how to solve our problems/issues or crises.

Our kids also have a Google “To Do” list, albeit different. Sure, they research for school assignments but also to embark on their own quests to find instant gratification, friendships and love. They seek to answer their own questions about life, love and direction.

They are Googling things like:

How can I get my Mum/Dad to listen to me or understand me?

How can I limit my Mum/Dad’s time on the phone/internet?

These days more than ever before, people are searching for love and a real feeling of connection. A Spiritual connection. Your own inner voice knows all the answers to the questions on your Google list when it comes to living a more Spiritual life. And what you don’t know, your children and “Teen Angels” can teach you the rest.

Our Teachers are right under our feet. They are our children and “Teen Angels”. Psychic children have the ability to perceive reality through their subtle psychic senses in addition to their physical senses.

These children are often referred to as “Old Souls”. These “Old Souls” are coming back into the world to help put the world back into balance, one family at a time, starting with yours! They don’t need the Internet or Technology to do it. They want you! Their parents! Their families. This is what they have come to show you and teach you.

They are Human BEings NOT Human DOings! And we can learn from them. They are our Teachers. Bringing us back into our Souls. They are “Parenting Us into the Spiritual Age”.

If you have an “Old Soul” in your life, embrace them. You have been blessed.

If you are struggling with parenting and understanding your psychic child, please DO NOT hesitate to contact me as this is a field I specialise in. Come sit down with me over a pot of tea and we’ll “Giggle” rather than “Google” And have a good old fashioned “chat”. You can read this full story in Marion’s new book “Caught Between Two Worlds” to be launched at the Whole Life Expo on Saturday 26 November 2016. Marion will be conducting a book signing complete with personal message with your copy. Look out for her at Stand B24. For further details phone 0407 812 233 or email