In Celebration of Friendship
by Susanne Marie

Do you still have exactly the same friends that you had when you first started Kindergarten? How many friends are still there from Primary or High School? Have you made new friends along the way? How does each friendship differ? Do you know how to attract and make new friends no matter what stage you are at in life? Are you a good friend to others?

In the course of our life most of us make a lot of friends. For some people that is more difficult than for others. Some are painfully shy or suffer from feelings of isolation along the way. Maybe you are one of the people who is not sure how to go about making friends. Maybe it is something that just seems to come naturally to you. Take a look at your beliefs about yourself. Look at what other members of your family believe about friendship.

Even within a family there are vast variations in how we see friendship. We all have our own unique set of beliefs even if there are some commonalities. Our own self esteem is also a big factor in who we choose or allow to stay in our lives. We can work on our belief systems in Thetahealing® to help us to love and respect ourselves enough on a deep level to be able to make good choices.

Some of our earliest friendships begin in our own school days. I still meet 50 years later with a group of classmates from high school. There is no pretence and we all are well aware of our (same) age! Conversation is always very easy on these once a year get-togethers.

We often meet new friends through shared interests such as when our children begin kindergarten or school. We meet them on committees in those places or in the playground. Some friendships develop quickly while others take much more time to develop. Often they outlast the committee or shared interest group even when our children are grown up.

I feel very blessed to have been able to meet people with whom I have developed long term and meaningful relationships. That does not mean living in their pockets or crowding each other’s space. In fact many of my friends are spread across the globe.

About twenty years ago I was living in Perth WA. Two couples I met there have become lifelong friends and we have met for special events in different parts of the world. We share special occasions and have long and meaningful conversations across the miles (or kilometres), we have shared joys and sorrows when significant milestones have occurred. I was happy to share a 50th wedding anniversary celebration in New Zealand and see some of that beautiful country where one couple has now moved. I went to the marriage of their son in Chicago a few years ago and rejoiced on the birth of grandchildren. One couple still lives in Perth and I have visited them and spent many hours in happy conversation.

It is such a great thing to know that across on the other side of the world in a vastly different time zone I have a wonderful friend with whom I am able to have a long conversation every couple of weeks. We feel as if we are part of each other’s lives as we share snippets of information about relatives and other friends. We share a love of Thetahealing and of helping people to achieve the best they can. We encourage and foster each other’s ideas. I have visited and taught classes in her home town and met many amazing people in a beautiful, historic and picturesque town in Virginia USA. I am amazed by her strength and resilience in good times and bad. I am proud of her achievements which are many.

I have friends in Nth Queensland and in Bali who both used to reside in the Adelaide Hills. It is such fun to have the excuse to go to visit them and become for a short time part of a different culture or lifestyle that they have.

And then there are those who I have met close to home and who are still here. These are friends with whom to have a meal or a coffee and encourage each other and do some fun activities. We don’t see each other every day or even every week but when we do connect we have fun and enjoy what life has to offer at the time.

If you have good friends with whom you can feel comfortable and happy, cherish them. Love and nurture and support them. Let go of any where you feel uncomfortable or sad or put down. Choose to be with those whose friendship you can celebrate with joy and blessing!!

Susanne Marie is a Theta Healing® Master; Certificate of Science in Theta Healing®; DipTeaching (Prim); Dip Health Sciences(Remedial Massage); Dip Oriental Massage; Healer and Teacher of Theta Healing® for many years.
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