There is only one reality and you are that
with Enza Vita

I recognize that I am awareness, but I don’t truly identify with it yet. What is the shift that needs to take place before I can totally “be” it?

The thought that any shift needs to take place is simply a thought. Thoughts have the ability to create a sense of time and space and then to locate objects within their boundaries. Become quiet for a moment, and be aware of a thought arising out of awareness. Notice that in this vast space, there is no separation between the thought that arises and the awareness that is aware of the thought. It’s impossible to say that the thought is located over here in one place and awareness is over there in another.

The thought and the awareness of the thought are indivisible, and it is essential to realize this. Emotions, states of consciousness, and sensations, along with thoughts, are all inseparable from the ground of awareness within which they exist. Without awareness, there is nothing for anything to appear in.

It is possible to be aware of what is happening in awareness and to be aware of awareness at the same time. When you realize that the things appearing within awareness are not happening to you as an individual, then the boundary lines between awareness and whatever appears in awareness disappear. Who you really are is that aware presence itself, and that awareness registers the appearances that are occurring within it. When you notice a thought, what is doing the noticing is not you as you think yourself to be, an individual with a mind and a body. Awareness itself is noticing the thought, and you are that awareness.

What is it that enables us to say, “I know that I am”? It is the silent knowing of presence. Just settle in that pure presence. This is where all the sweetness is, all the juice. Simply notice this presence as you go about your life. Give all the attention you have been giving to thought to this presence. See what is looking at this writing, the space that is taking it all in. What you are looking at is printed word. What you are looking out of is the space that is taking it all in.

I find that I’m not able to see this that you’re talking about. What’s keeping awareness from being recognized?

You need to find out what this I is that needs to see something. You must return to the source of your questions. All concerns, questions, and doubts are based on the notion of what you think you are, and the truth is, awareness is what you are. Awareness is all that you will ever be. No matter what certain ideas or beliefs come about, awareness is always there also, the space in which the ideas or beliefs arise, completely and entirely present, doing the perceiving.

Are you not present right now? Can you see that you are simply here, present, and aware? Do you have any doubts or issues with this? Check this out for yourself.

Awareness is that which is reading these words right now, whatever “that” is. You know without a doubt that there is something reading these words right now, and awareness is precisely what that is.

We go our whole lives fantasizing about enlightenment, chasing after it and devoting our lives to it. But, also, like a drowning person clinging to a log, we keep clinging to an I/me, a fictional self.

We don’t realize that what is needed is to let go of the log, knowing that we are going to drown.

This realization is shocking to the ego but this death, this willingness to die to everything we know, is what will free ourselves of the dream character we believe ourselves to be.

It’s only without the log that Reality reveals itself.

Enza is the publisher of InnerSelf Newspaper and founder and director of the MahaShanti Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to spiritual awakening. Enza is also the author of the book Always Already Free and her latest book Instant Presence. Based on Enza’s own experience, Always Already Free and Instant Presence guides the reader from the seeking process through the integration of enlightenment into everyday life and reveals that spiritual enlightenment is not a faraway dream, but the ever-present reality always available here and now. For more information, visit or connect with Enza through her Facebook page