I Don't Know - A Very Healthy State of Mind
with Leo Drioli

If you know what you know, it’s not very important.

The Knowing we're looking for here is eternal but it never freezes in the mind, it's never fixed.

Once you realize what real Knowing is, you welcome in the mini deaths that upturn and uproot the constructs.

Welcoming in this Unknown Knowing is a constant reawakening moment to moment. If a part of you knows who you are, it's possible it's the real Knowing, but this cannot be held onto ... It's never a fixed state but a constant, ever fresh, ever newly-realized discovery of what is real ... right here, right now. And this cannot be laid claim to by the mind ... never!

Whenever you feel confused ... good. Whenever you feel vulnerable ... good. These states of mind, as uncomfortable and painful as they may be, are the perfect doorway in. Allow them.

The mind needs to know, it's its job to know. It's natural to try to know, it's how we survive in this form. But the spiritual Knowing, requires another view. A not-knowing. Or a willingness to sit in the discomfort of not-knowing at the very least. The willingness to be open to what is, no matter how it feels

The moment we claim, "I know", we don't really Know. In truth we can never know ... not the way the mind wants to know anyway.

It's a dangerous way to live, for the ego anyway. Yet, it's the only authentic way to liberation.

Let the devastation of the daily constructs take place daily ... this is what dying daily means.

Don't bring your yesterday's insight or revelation in to today. Today requires no past. Today requires today's presence only. Your Presence now. This is pure, clear, true, and knows only in this moment, now. It's an innocence that requires no learning, only letting go. The grander the construct, the greater the ruin.

Make it easy on yourself, come back to this eternal Present ... and finally see, this is all that's real. It's eternal too, but it cannot be frozen or fixed or held onto as it's ever-changing as form.

No thought is it ... no thing is it. You are it. The battle ends when finally, this is seen. Then all is welcomed into the world. Even this constant deconstruction. It must be so, for the Knowing to be the Unknown.

"I don't know" is a very healthy state of mind. Watch closely. The mind loves to pretend it doesn't know as a way to know. This is not it.

The not-knowing of awakened Presence allows even this, till it's time to release this too.

You are ... this is all you really know. Let the rest flow out of This.

Leo Drioli is the Editor and Publisher of Innerself Newspaper, the author of “Every Moment’s a Miracle” and as a singer/songwriter he has released his CD “Let Your Spirit Sing”.