Why Dig a Well to Find the Sky?
with Enza Vita

Even though I can access awareness, and I do experience its vast, spacious, blissful nature, it never seems to last long before my thoughts begin to intrude again...

As you already know, thought will never liberate you and the challenge you are now facing is the same one we all face when we come to the threshold of pure beingness. As soon as we say “ I see but” we are right back in again. You cannot end the story in the mind

When you “see”, relax and allow the natural realization of pure beingness to just be. If we want more light in a room, we switch on the light and when the light is on we don’t have to do any¬thing else. If we keep pressing the switch, we will be turning the light on and off continuously. The same with the practice, once we “see” if we don’t let go and we keep thinking ‘I want the light on, I want to keep on seeing” or even “Now I see”, then it has become a “mind” act.

So when you “experience” awareness, don’t do anything more with the seeing, just let it be seen. Don’t make anything more out of it, don’t be tempted to “dance with thoughts”, just see it and let it go.

At first the “seeing” may not last very long at all so when a thought distracts us, we simply recognize the thinker of that thought and then we watch the thought disappear. Then we have arrived again and so we relax and let it go without trying to prolong the “seeing”.

The problem is not that it is complicated, but that it is too simple and we don’t trust it or think, “This doesn’t feel very special … this can’t possibly be it”, but if we chase after something different, some altered state instead of the natural awareness that is right here, then it becomes difficult to recognize it when it appears.

When we dream, our thoughts create pain and suffering, enemies and friends, but at the moment we wake up, everything disappears, gone without a trace. These same thoughts create the whole drama of life and all suffering will also cease the very moment you see the “dancing with thought”.

As you said, “it’s very easy to fool oneself into thinking we are watching the thoughts and sensations, but in reality we are thinking about it”. This statement is key to your liberation.

The “thinking we are watching” is the “dancing with thought” again. Notice how easy it is to see it, then how we create a problem around what is seen. This is the only subtlety that needs to be witnessed.

Thought needs a dancing partner, so simply refuse to dance. When you do this, spacious, clear, natural awareness will be seen as the only true reality.

End the search by refusing to dance with thought and you will be free.

Enza is the editor and publisher of InnerSelf Newspaper and founder and director of the MahaShanti Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the awakening of all beings. Enza is also the author of the book Always Already Free and her latest book Instant Presence. Based on Enza’s own experience, Always Already Free and Instant Presence guides the reader from the seeking process through the integration of enlightenment into everyday life and reveals that spiritual enlightenment is not a faraway dream, but the ever-present reality always available here and now. For more information, visit www.enzavita.com or connect with Enza through her Facebook page