Ever in God’s hands
by Leo Drioli

One breath and you're Here.

This is the natural state. This is the place where we cease diminishing who we are by thinking we are something else ... smaller, bigger, stronger, better, more loving, more pure. This that we are in this breath is always already awake, pure, whole and eternally free. When the mind takes hold, This takes a quiet back seat, simply allowing and observing ... no rush, no desire ... simply being and lovingly allowing.

It's funny how we can lose ourselves in those thoughts and feelings about ourselves, about our lives, about others. It's funny how we continue to fall back in to attached forgetfulness even once we've seen the truth of our essential eternal beingness.

Our innate freedom lovingly allows even this. How compassionate This is to allow it... infinitely patient and compassionate with ourselves. God loves us so completely. We can be whoever we dream ourselves to be. We can stay away from the Truth for as long as we choose to. But eventually we come Home.

That soft burning love in the Heart ... steers the ship anyway. No matter what we do, where we go, Love will always win out. One breath and you're Here.

Do you know this? This is all it really takes. You're breathing anyway, why not make good use of it?

When we remember to come back in, all is clear ... immediately clear, pure, true and transparent.

We can hang on at the edge forever, wondering when God will raise us up ... we will be waiting forever. The edge asks us to let go and drop back in.

“Be here," it whispers. "Be here and drop in..."

There's no other way back. It takes all you've got. It takes more than courage. It takes the letting go of the "little me" view of things. Love calls each day, each moment in fact... and your suffering is the measure of resistance and denial within you. This is what holds you captive yet, it can also can become your compass.

See this, and you're in God's hands ... and suffering ends

One breath in and you're Here. It's not a big ask ... really. Simply give all you've got ... all of it!

Simply be who you are. This is the ultimate maxim: Be who you are

Could it be any simpler than this?

Strip back to the bare aliveness within you. Don't stop with any thought. No thought will ever measure up. Be willing to simply fall back in. And This is here, forever here ... simply waiting for your return.

One breath and you're Here. Ever-patient ... ever-compassionate ... ever-present. Ever-in God's hands.

Leo Drioli is co-ditor of Innerself Newspaper, author of “Every Moment’s a Miracle” and as a singer/songwriter has recorded his collection of original Heart-Songs CD “Let Your Spirit Sing”.