Seeing Joy on our way through our life’s journey.
by Susanne Marie

At the moment I am in Queensland. When I am other than in the Adelaide Hills it gives me the change to step back and assess what is important and what is not. A couple of years ago I wrote about the changing seasons and how it parallels to the changes that occur in our lives.

I am here because I have the honour and privilege of teaching one of the most amazing spiritual and life changing courses that I think there is available. Thetahealing® offers many wonderful courses but the three week Intuitive Anatomy course facilitates much change in our lives. It is reminiscent of a microcosm of our life. In three short weeks we can face and clear so much that has built up during our lifetime. For me it is one of the ways to bring much joy into my life.

For any who are following a spiritual path there are always joys and there are always challenges. How we handle those challenges in life ultimately can lead us towards joy or otherwise. Looking at the things that are important to us can help in that process.

There is the importance of being in communication with our loved ones. Sometimes we can feel much joy by being in the presence of those we love. I think back to many wonderful family occasions when there is a gathering of members of my family. Weddings are one that bring many of us together, sometimes for the first time in years. There is the joy of conversations with those whom we spent much time when we were younger. It is sometimes good to see the ease with which we can make up for many intervening years. By the same token, funerals can be a gathering of the clan, of family and of friends. Even though the occasion can have sadness there can also be joy in renewed connections.

I have a number of friends who have families who came to Australia from many places around the world. I have seen the joy and at the same time trepidation when a long-awaited return to that country for a visit is considered, planned and finally after months of preparation is executed. What mixed feelings to be dealt with? Will old wounds be remembered or will they be forgotten in the joyous moment of meeting again? I like to think and hope that the latter, joy, is of prime importance to them. Certainly, in many I have witnessed, this has been the case.

Friendships are also of great importance and in the choices we make in those friends we can bring much joy in to our lives or on occasion the opposite. If there are some friendships that change and we feel ready to move on we can consider that if nothing else that person presented us with lessons we needed to learn. Therefore, on their moving out of our lives we can look back with gratitude for lessons learned and just send love as they move on.

Friendships can also be utterly delightful and we can remember wonderful shared moments of laughter, support, wisdom and joy. With some of those friends, the joyous moments can last a lifetime. It is wonderful to be able to reminisce on fun things. I have shared road trips in amazing places with two or three different wonderful friends. To remember highlights, even some of which may have seemed like lowlights at the time, are often the fun things to remember. I have chuckled with friends over some of those moments in time.

Teaching and learning also bring much joy in all that I do. Every class that I teach is a huge learning experience as well. Every time I explain something to a grandchild and hold conversations with them, I also earn something new. The wisdom of a child whether they be two years old, four, five or seven is always refreshing if we stop to listen and take on board the world through their perspective. I believe that learning is a constant, whether it be wisdom in a poem or a quote we have read, or whether it be in tackling a new skill no matter what our age. I have found at times that the electronic age has presented me with some interesting challenges that I never thought were possible. With every new learning there also can be a sense of joy of achievement. The tougher the challenge the greater the reward when it is ultimately grasped.

This is but a few of the ways we can bring joy in to our lives. Be vigilant and aware when opportunities to receive and accept joy arrive. Grasp them with both hands!

Susanne Marie is a Theta Healing® Master; Certificate of Science in Theta Healing®; DipTeaching (Prim); Dip Health Sciences(Remedial Massage); Dip Oriental Massage; Healer and Teacher of Theta Healing® for many years.

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