by Fran Tomlin

This brings up an old theme of mine which is “As you say it, so it is”. It can, to my mind, never be stated enough. Its all about your belief systems.

In fact, your life is all about your belief systems.

What are beliefs? They are simply thoughts you think over & over again ad infinitum. And you can change your thoughts ... you can change your mind. So it applies therefore that you can change your beliefs . Yes ? Yes. BUT - the trick is that you need to change them thoroughly andminutely to the extent that you can literally feeel the change physically, deep within in your cells; with absolute conviction – so that it’s almost a palpable thing. And therein is the crux. That’s the work. Hard work. It demands consistency of practice, determination, vigilance over one’s thoughts, dedication and constant practice, practice, practice. It’s high maintenance work. However, once you are in the swing of it , it automatically takes you to a place of surrender into Higher Power, because simply in the practising of it, a) your vibration/frequency rises automatically, and b) you begin to literally see the manifestation happening in your life. Literally. So, in relief, and therefore “elaxing” you again, automatically, begin to flow with what is... which in itself then becomes a state of Surrender. And thats when all you ever wanted starts to flow effortlessly into your life.

SO – here’s how to do it.

It’s a proven fact that everything in the Universe is energy...right?

So, if you do buy into the belief that “your thoughts create your world” (and how could you not?) then it stands to reason that since your thoughts and words are energy themselves, those very thoughts, words and the feeeelings they engender are the key elements in creating your world.

The ripple effects of your thoughts, words and feelings (and therefore of course your actions – and/or re-actions) cannot in any manner be underestimated, nor the fact overstressed, in terms of their infinite importance.

In other words - “As you say it, so it is”.

Better then to be very careful as to what you say, think or feel, as that energy will always, at some stage, return threefold unto from whence it came (and time- wise, that’s almost work in your life.

You attract to you, what you put out there. In the same way that if you focus upon something, anything – it becomes very much a “larger” issue to you. Sometimes in the negative it becomes almost out of proportion; draining you of energy and assuming a life of its own causing havoc. This applies just the same to the positive as well. If you focus upon and nurture a goal it grows ever more abundant. Simply put, what you focus upon becomes a reality. So, it’s ultra important to check up on your belief systems. Why? Because you are continually thinking, feeling and speaking from them all the time.

And so perfect is the Universe, that here it is – giving you back precisely what it is that you “ordered” energetically i.e all that you have talked about, felt about and thought about – all originating from the frequency you are vibrating at. (Hence the need to check your belief systems as to whether they resonate at a more negative or positive vibration because that directly affects/ dictates the frequencies that you are putting “out there” into the Cosmos).

The Universe is a perfect mirror, a perfect reflection to us all – and so individually (and wholistically) it serves to give you energetically “what you ask for”.

You can see then, that it’s extremely important to be Mindful of your thoughts, feelings and the words you speak in the true creation of your life and all its manifestations thereof.

As the Buddhists say “Right thought, Right Speech = Right Action.” I myself however, would add as well “Right Feeling”.

So, maybe it’s time for a good clearing out of the old, and an adjustment into the NEW? Namaste.

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