Two Birds of a Feather
How a Song is Birthed

by Leo Drioli

Today feels like I am on retreat. I am sitting here at the kitchen table feeling the warmth of the morning sun caressing me gently, sweetly. The wind is blowing through the trees, animating the leaves as they glisten and glow in delight.

My appreciation for God’s love, Presence, the Divine’s Touch begins to build as my heart quickens to the sound of the leaves dancing.

Life feels perfect, complete right now.

I had a burning emptiness in my belly when I woke up this morning and carried it with me to the kitchen table. As I began drinking my coffee I heard:

“Two Birds of a Feather, just sitting here together…”

I picked up my guitar, feeling the feeling, listening to these first few words and let my fingers fall onto the fretboard as the melody, rhythm and chords began to magically take shape.

Keeping my attention on that burning feeling in my belly, the emerging song begins to communicate what needs to be seen. The lyrics and the melody, moving through and across that empty sensation begin to “use” that emptiness to birth a new creation, to transmute the buried pain into a gift of insight and joy.

“Two Birds of a Feather, just sitting here together… biding our time away.”

Enza is sitting in front of me as she begins proof-reading some of her work … I begin to feel that special love that binds us together … to dance in together, to grow through together.

Now my heart starts to open itself up, adding its elixir to the mix … the Secret Alchemical process has begun.

Feeling both the burning in my belly and the warmth in my heart I deeply listen, as I play with both the words, the melody and the rhythm.

The magic is happening again, this Secret Alchemy of transmuting the pain and suffering of our everyday lives into something beautiful and tangible, and something that both communicates to ourselves and to the world, the magic of simply being alive.

The song continues being birthed …

“Right here you’ll find us ... The past left behind us ... Just living for each day.”

Aaah … the joy of letting go … the surrender is taking place. My heart expands with every note I play and sing and the song continues to be joyously birthed … for me first, then for everyone else. What a deep mystery … this one-on-one communication from the Soul to the human and back again …

Next, a natural movement into the bridge. A raising of consciousness into a vast overview in Presence … now filled with inner as well as outer sunlight. I feel above it all, yet within it all … I am it all as I find myself rising over the bridge of the song, I find myself singing these words:

“And I don’t know ... What I’m meant to be looking for. But I’ve sure got that burning in my soul.”

Of course ... These words now reveal that burning emptiness/presence I awoke with as the “Call of Soul” to awaken to THIS, as it is. I continue riding across the bridge as it continues to take form … the next lines start to take shape as they clarify my purpose:

“And you can’t be ... What you came here for ... Unless you follow that burning in your soul.”

Aaah … Destiny calling again. This is what we are all here to do. Honour the Burning, feel it, listen to it and allow it to translate and transmute itself into consciousness.

This gives our life meaning and purpose and also gifts us and the world with our own new creation … our own transmuted base metals into Gold.

This is what we are all here for …

Next I hear the following lines, creating second set of lyrics for the bridge, confirming what I have now seen:

“Cos I don’t need ... No other place ... For where I am is where I’m meant to be.”
“Right where you are ... Is always Sacred Space ... Drop into THIS and live in certainty.”
One more final verse is asking to be birthed. I stop, listen to the wind outside and within, take a deep breath in and listen … as the following words begin to arise:
“Together just me & you ... Uncovering what’s real and true ... There’s no other way to be.
“Being right here reminds us ... That only Love can define us ... Together just you and me.
“Two Birds of a Feather, just sitting here together… biding our time away.”
“Two Birds of a Feather, just sitting here together… biding our time away.”
“Two Birds of a Feather, just sitting here together… biding our time away.”
This is love in action … This is what we are all called to do …
The song is now birthed. I feel clear, awake, present and expanded. This is love in action. This is what we are all called to do … Be the love that defines us.

Leo Drioli is the author of “Every Moment’s a Miracle” and editor of InnerSelf Newspaper. Leo is also a singer/songwriter, and has released his first EP “Let Your Spirit Sing”, Get a free download of his single “Give It Your Love” at