The God Self
by David Lane

The information that I am about to share with you (as of Aug 2015) has slowly unfolded this year. It has given me a greater understanding of our individual relationship with the Oneness/Creator. This concept is slightly different from others that I am aware of. It excites me and I would like to share it with you. Pieces of the information have come through my pendulum research and some have been channelled by me and by other people. A pattern has slowly evolved that makes a lot of sense. I have been exploring a deeper understanding of the different levels and vibrations of the mind. Also, on what that means to us as individuals. I always thought that our spirit self was more evolved than our human self and that our spirit self, higher self and higher mind were of the same vibration but this new information greatly challenged these beliefs. (I am committed to keeping an open, non-judgemental mind on all spiritual matters and this attitude was certainly needed here).

Here are the new levels of the mind that unfolded;

The highest vibrations of the mind down to the lowest vibrations of the mind:

We can connect with above the line through our mind (i.e. meditation, prayer etc) or we can connect through the higher vibrations generated by the love in our heart. We need both to have a complete connection.

The line represents the point between being a part of the Whole/Oneness(above the line) and separation from the Whole /Oneness (below the line) which allows for the experience of individuality .

The spirit self being below the line and in the lower self vibrations was initially a big shock for me and it took a while to get the understanding because it was against everything that I had been taught about the spirit self.

Here is the understanding; the dotted line represents the separation from the Unity of the God self. If we live as individual spirits (which humans do) then we live the illusion of separation.

There is a direct correlation between the level of consciousness that we experience in our everyday life and the level of consciousness that our spirit has evolved to. They both reflect each other and both operate in the lower mind. Our spirit self is limited by what level of consciousness it has evolved to and this level is played out by the human self. It is through the positive changes that we make at human level that the spirit self eventually evolves to the higher levels. When this is achieved then our lives on the earth plane have been completed as they have served their purpose.

The Higher self exists above the line of separation thus it is our connection to our God self. I have also gained the understanding that when I have out-of-body experiences or travel to the high realms; that it is an higher self experience and not my spirit self as I once thought. This is because my spirit is limited by the level of consciousness that it has reached. When I am thinking from my spirit self level I am limited by the vibrations of the mind associated with that level. However; the higher mind is not limited by separation and thus it can connect with the Whole which obviously includes our God self.

There has been much written about our connection with the Creator or God. Statements such as; God is within, As it is above so it is below, We were created in God’s image, that we will eventually return to God/ the Oneness, we are One, etc. These statements support the notion that there is no difference between the God self and God the Creator. They are one of the same. If this is true (and this is the information that has come my way) then there is another way to perceive God the Creator. That is; The higher part of each and every individual person is their God self. This reality means that there is no separation and therefore the illusion of separation only exists because they believe it.

Here is an exercise for you to try which may help you grasp the concept explained above. The aim; to experience that your God self is the same as God the Creator.
• Stand outside at night and tune into the magnificence of the night sky.
• Now put on hold all that you have ever known or believe until this moment.
• Look up and think of the immeasurable beauty of creation and how much you stand in awe of it.
• Know that you are experiencing this from your human self and spirit self levels.
• Now contemplate this; Your God self created all that you see because your God self is the Creator.
• Now say this to yourself; “the highest part of me created all this”. In this moment you are at one with God which is the same as your God self (there is no difference).
• Feel the joy with the recognition that the highest part of you is experiencing its own creation through the lowest part of you.

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