by Susanne Marie
As always when I am about to write an article, I spend a lot of time thinking before I ever commit any thought to paper. I look at what is happening in my life and think about conversations and interactions I have had with people to see if any theme becomes apparent. This time it was easy. READ MORE

by Marion Weatherburn
We Parented our children in the “Cyber-age”, now it’s their turn to Parent us into the “Spiritual Age”. It’s true! We all want to be the very best parents we can be. But, now it’s our Children and “Teen~ Angels” turn to parent us. I like to model myself on Caroline Ingalls from the Little House on the Prairie. READ MORE

by Diane McCann
My belief is that until you learn to love yourself 100% and do the forgiveness on your parents, you can never be 100% fully in a relationship! If you love yourself 50% then that’s all you’ll receive back. READ MORE

Growing Boys to Manhood and Men to Elders
by Diane McCann
Can a Man give his Son what he himself never possessed or lacked the courage to wish up from his own deprivation? - Galway Kinnell READ MORE

2016 is a Big Year for Change
by David Lane
There are a lot of positive and negative situations and outcomes happening in the world at the moment. 2016 is shaping up to be a very significant year indeed. There are major exposures relating to corruption in many areas; including the corporate, political, financial, sporting and religious worlds.READ MORE

Finding Peace in Loss
with Sharyna Sharman
Winter has always been a time of introspection and ‘going to ground’ for me. As the trees become bare and all rests and regenerates in nature, so I follow suit. READ MORE

Reconnective Healing
by Julie Jara
Why do we ingest poisons to get well? It seems counter-intuitive at best. We’ve become so desensitized by our no-pain-no-gain attitudes that the onslaught of elective surgeries and pharmaceuticals with frightening repercussions don’t cause us to bat an eye READ MORE

Improving your relationships
by David Lane
Finding and maintaining happiness seems to be one of our greatest desires. The relationships that we develop have a huge effect on happiness. It does not really matter what sort of relationship that we are pursuing because good relationships must trigger a certain amount of happiness. READ MORE

The Pain of Men and Women
by Diane McCann
Men! As I sit here reading a book of men’s stories my heart aches with the sadness and pain so many men feel! What has happened to us as human beings? Domestic violence has always been around, at some moments in time, it was even condoned but today we have an epidemic of it.

In Celebration of Friendship
by Susanne Marie
Do you still have exactly the same friends that you had when you first started Kindergarten? How many friends are still there from Primary or High School? Have you made new friends along the way? How does each friendship differ? Do you know how to attract and make new friends no matter what stage you are at in life? Are you a good friend to others? READ MORE

Family Drama – How Bad is It?
by Sulabh Jain
One of the areas of or lives that often brings us down the most surrounds problems that we are having with loved ones. Today we’ll have a look at how to tell if someone is struggling with family Drama, who is causing it, and how to tell how bad it will get. READ MORE

The goddess, the Woman, the healer
by Diane McCann
As I look at blogs and Facebook I am in awe of the number of groups that are popping up about… and for… women; incredibly powerful writings of women and TED talks by women all saying the same thing. That this is our time! A time to stand up, stand strong, stand together and change the world! READ MORE