Why do I love working with Past lives?
with Susanne Marie
When I was much younger ‘past lives’ and what they meant was out of my range of knowledge at least in this lifetime! Although I had heard people talk about them it was not until it was thrust dramatically into my life that I really looked at what it meant to me. READ MORE

by Fran Tomlin
OK, so imagine we are all each of us one of those “Energiser “ bunnies i.e ‘turn the battery on & off they go’...Think robotic for ‘expected behaviours’ in relation to when their button is pushed to ‘ON’ . READ MORE

with Susanne Marie
Every year at some stage I feel the need to reiterate some of my thoughts about love. It is one of my favourite topics. Today is that day for 2016. READ MORE

with Susanne Marie
Do you know what you want in your life? What are the most important things that you want to achieve? Do you think clearly about a dream and when you actually achieve it, feel like it is the end of the line? What is the most successful manifestation that you have so far achieved in your life? READ MORE

with Elisabeth Jensen
The first Spiritist Centres in Brazil were established about 120 years ago inspired by the writings of the Frenchman Hippolyte Denizard using the pen name of Allan Kardec.READ MORE

Clear or Crumble
by Debra Bright
When we have emotional upsets or troubles, we have been taught to suck it up and just get over it and move on. So all these pains, upsets, anger etc have not disappeared, they are accumulated within our bodies and especially the heart chakraand they are now full and overflowing and exploding out onto loved ones or whoever is around us -the rages. READ MORE

Bicycle Fall Leads to EFT tapping
by Annie O’Grady
When Fran fell off her bicycle while riding in the park, she was so shaken up and hurt from a banged and grazed knee, she started worrying that she might have to take a day off work to recover, and would lose some pay. READ MORE

The Power of Hypnotherapy
by Vanessa Campbell
There are many situations which can be improved with the use of hypnosis. Some of the common uses are - stop smoking, weight loss, stress, bad habits, self esteem, relaxation and addictions. Hypnosis is pain free, drug free, stress free. READ MORE

Freedom or Slavery
by Anthony Craig
The planet is in turmoil. It’s a good time to ask what is happening with people and why? Where do we, as supposedly awakened people, fit in and are we doing our job properly, acting responsibly? Are we free or enslaved? READ MORE

Self Acceptance
by Fran Tomlin
Who amongst us completely and utterly accepts themselves, warts n all, on all levels of consciousness even aside from mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually? Think about it, do you accept every single aspect and facet of YOURSELF? READ MORE

Reiki for life
by Jennifer Short
Reiki was never intended as a healing process. Dr Mikao Usui discovered the healing attributes of Reiki while going through his own spiritual growth. Now he and others have brought Reiki to the world. READ MORE

Are you resisting your radiant heart?
By Tanya Allison
Have you been feeling very ‘weepy’ of late, unsure why you are feeling this gentle cleansing moving through your spirit? READ MORE

Aura Painting How to Change the Colour of Your Aura
By Judith Poole
Take a moment to relax completely and come fully to the present moment. Drop all worries and cares. Release your jaw. Relax your shoulders and neck. Erase any expression from your face. With the next breath, focus your attention at the navel. READ MORE

Tired all the time? A Medical Intuitive’s Perspective of Fatigue
By Rachelle Terry
There are so many types of tired. Each one carries with it a unique blueprint which is demonstrated in the energy field. This is why when I look at a clients energy field, I may describe their states as, “weary”, “heavy”, “foggy”, “lethargic” or “depleted” because each state will appear differently to me. READ MORE

Resolving the Conflict Between You and Yourself
By Rachelle Terry
If I asked you if you would like to release your negative habits you would nod your head furiously. If I looked at your aura while you responded, I would see the equivalent of an actor in a pantomime, mouthing, “Nooooooo!” simultaneously. READ MORE

Lack Consciousness
By Rachelle Terry
“I just don’t want to miss out on getting into the market!” All of Jane’s friends were buying properties. She lusted after unrealistically priced houses and coveted health bloggers and their perfectly toned, Instagramable figures.READ MORE

with Lorraine Webb
Alcohol addiction in our society is under estimated and the real toll on lives and the damage it does not only to the person but to those that are closely connected is not fully appreciated. Often loved ones feel helpless and have to stand back and watch a loved one self destruct.READ MORE

The Resurrection of Thought Form
Distance Reiki Healing

by Sonia Caldwell
It was without hesitation from Ria to enlist as a volunteer for a June trial run by Bliss Movements. The aim of this trial was to explore the effectiveness of this somewhat lost or under acknowledged art of distance healing. The trial entailed 1hour/week of Distance Reiki Healing over the course of 4 weeks.READ MORE

with Elisabeth Jensen
As a Researcher of Spiritual Healing plus being trained as a Registered Nurse and Midwife plus a Healer myself I have studied in depth many of the major healing systems in the world today including Therapeutic Touch (which has multiple PhD Research studies behind it)plus past and present Healers before creating my own spiritual healing system.READ MORE

Building Bridges
by Anthony Craig
The theme for Eurovision 2015 was building bridges and it is a very timely reminder for us all to reflect on. READ MORE

Free up your body pain
by Annie O’Grady
Chances are, you are feeling more pain than you need to, now that Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT tapping) has been let loose around the world. Janice tried tapping and now her knee pain is history. READ MORE

Creating a Sacred Home
with Elisabeth Jensen
Space clearing your house is a good idea at any time but especially when you move into your new home or apartment or your current one feels heavy and stuck somehow it’s vital really to ensure your future comfort, health and success in life. READ MORE